What are the Benefits of Networking?

What is a Network?

Simply, a network is a collection of computers, printers, and other electronic devices, linked by cables or wireless, allowing them to communicate with each other. A network allows individuals to share and exchange information (files and programs), access common services (email and applications), and shared hardware (printers, servers, image scanners, and fax machines).

What are the Benefits of a Network?

Increased Employee Productivity
When an office is connected, so are people. Ideas are shared more quickly. More informed decisions are made. Everyone moves faster. Being connected saves time. Progress can happen with fewer meetings. Data is conveniently shared without trading floppy disks. Users have access to better shared equipment. Collaboration happens. The organization is more competitive.

Reduced Communication Costs
Network-based communication such as e-mail and "instant messages" are a cost-effective alternatives to phoning and faxing, with the potential to deliver significant savings in long distance charges. The combination of the public Internet with secure "virtual private networking" VPN technology allows for office-to-office networking without costly dedicated Wide Area Network (WAN) connections, also realizing major cost savings.

Equipment Costs
Networking allows equipment mainly printers and servers, to be shared with multiple users. Shared resources are used more often and efficiently. More users can be brought online without large additional costs. Investments in equipment benefit more workers.

Access to Resources Anytime/Anywhere Networking brings mobility. Key files, data, and services can be accessed from any place on the network. With remote access in place, one can travel or work remotely and still be connected. Access to files, data, and messages when away from the office provides employee flexibility. Users can respond to co-workers and customers quickly, from anywhere.

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